Friday, May 15, 2009

... And He Was Arrested

It was my first few months in college and someone from back home knew a "nice guy" who went to the same school. He was a few years older, but he'd accomplished some pretty big things prior to attending college. I will not mention what those accomplishments were; they are pretty identifying and I'd like to protect the guilty, er innocent.

So, I went over to his place to meet him for the first time. I felt pretty safe seeing as he was a friend of a family friend and all. We decided to have dinner one night later in the week. It was all super awkward. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but something wasn't right. The questions he asked were completely inappropriate; things like, "How much money do you get each month?" "You live in the expensive dorm, you must be rich." "I bought this car from a dying man." Things like that.

The date ended and as I expected, I didn't get a request for a second date. I did see him around campus a few times over the next year or so. We would sit and eat on "the green" (so cliche, I know) and became friends. There was still a big question mark.

Then, one day I was back home shopping with my mom and I saw him walking through the parking lot. I bolted out the door to go say hello and introduce my mom. He explained that he was living in the city and using his talents to educate others.

"He's gay," my mom said as soon as we were in the privacy of our car. "No he's not!" I responded with a tone of uncertainty. There was a brief moment of ponderous silence and with that, the subject was changed.

Two years later my mom called me and told me that he'd had improper conduct with a teenager and he was arrested. Oh yeah, that teenager was a boy.

It was a bad day - His life was ruined, a kid's life was ruined, and I had to admit to my mother that she was right. Damn, I hate doing that.

The alternate title of this post was "The Felony Frog" but I can't seem to find any record of him being found guilty of the charges. I know that he fled the country and was extradited back to the US two years later. I know how to pick 'em. Except, I didn't "pick 'im".

And THAT'S why I don't like to be set up.

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