Monday, March 30, 2009

The Frog Kisser

At the seven month anniversary of my relationship, my family had a vacation planned to meet in Mickey-world. This vacation was exciting not only because my 2-year-old would have her first face-to-face meeting with her beloved "Pwincesses," but also because my boyfriend would have his first face-to-face meeting with my family.

I sat my niece down on while visiting her a month prior to the Meeting of the Family, and told her that my friend Fred* would be at "Cinnawellee's House." Her beautiful blue eyes popped wide with wonder and she asked, "Is he a pwince?"

I answered with a smile, "Maybe."

Two months later we broke up.

I'm back in the pond with the frogs and ready to start kissing them one by one. Of course, by "kissing" I mean allowing them to take me to dinner. Hey, a girl's gotta eat.

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